Process and Equipment Engineering

Process and Equipment Engineering

Aderan Dej Co. in close cooperation with some of well-known and experienced European companies are active in field of Process and Equipment Engineering, Procurement and Construction, to complete the range of our services in addition to Surface Protective Systems.

Our Partners are:

STEULER Engineering (Steuler Anlagenbau)

Hugo Petersen

JL Goslar


Begg Cousland


In field of:

Plant and Process design of Picking Plants

Design and Equipment supplying of Flue Gas Desulfurization Plant

Design and manufacturing of Scrubbers and WESP tube bundles made of PP

Engineering and design of Acid Regeneration Plants

Special Environmental systems for CO2 gas

With STEULER Engineering (Steuler Anlagenbau) from Germany


Design, Engineering, and Equipment supply of Sulfuric and Hydro Chloric Acids

With different methods, specially Sulfur Burning, Metallurgy and Roasting Plants tail gases

Re-engineering, Revamp and Shut down and Projects managements of Sulfuric Acid Plants

Tailor-made engineering methods

Special and patented methods of Gas Cleaning Systems

WESP design and supplying

With HUGO PETERSEN GmbH as a member of C.A.C Group in Germany

Design and manufacturing of high-tech Lead Anodes for non-ferrous metal extraction processes

Lead lined Pressure Autoclaves in Leaching plants

Lead Lined WESP and electrodes

Radiation Protection systems and chambers

Special tank and vessels for hazardous material

With JL Goslar from Germany


Design and manufacturing of Non-Metallic and Plastic Chemical Pumps

Horizontal and Vertical Centrifugal chemical Pumps with special design of Mechanical Seal

And Magnetic Drive Pumps

Complete services of maintenance and spare parts

Special Extrusion type of plastic welding equipment

With MUNSCH from Germany


Design and manufacture of plastic welding devices as hot air welding

Extrusion welding and welding of geomembrane plates

With MUNSCH from Germany


World class Filtration systems for Sulfuric Acid Plants

Mist Eliminators, Candle Filters and Demisters

For Drying Towers, Intermediate and Final Absorption Towers of Sulfuric Acid Plants

With Begg Cousland from Scotland


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