FRP/GRP Pipes & Equipment

Plastic Engineering

Aderan Dej Co. is supplying a wide range of FRP/GRP products (Pipes, Fittings, Connections and special Equipment like tanks, columns, reactors and accessories like Bubble Cap Tray and similar parts) in close cooperation with the most well-known sources from Germany, Spain and India.

Our sources are as follows:

STEULER-KCH GmbH Germany (Plastic Engineering Department)


Chemical Process Piping Pvt. (CPP) – India


STEULER-KCH GmbH Germany (Plastic Engineering Department)

Plastic Engineering Department of Steuler-KCH as one of the major manufacturing plants in Europe is supplying wide range of FRP/GRP includes piping systems, tanks, vessels and process equipment with special and customized high chemical resistance, thermal and mechanical stresses.

Group of special design products:



Keraverin PTFE




Different piping products in Type B, Type D and Type E based on DIN16965 and DIN16966 standards up to the range of DN 800 and PN 16

Special composite products made of KERA as Phenolic (or furan) resin-based thermosetting plastic

material, reinforced with glass fiber and/or carbon fiber with special mineral fillers

For manufacturing Process Equipment like tanks, vessels, columns, reactors, trays and other similar process parts with high chemical and high mechanical and thermal stresses resistance up to 180 degree centigrade.

Using original and special type of resins like Derakane and Alphacor with variety of different Glass and Carbon Fibers.


Wide range of different inner liners made of PE, PP, PVC-U, PVC-C, PVDF, PTFE, PTFE-M, PFA, FEP



As a member of STEULER-KCH group and one the leading and well-known manufacture of Glass Fiber

Reinforced Plastic Pipes: PRFV, GRP, GFRP, GFK in Europe, with over 30 years of experience and a wide circle of national as well as international customers references list.

One the most well-known products of ALPHAPLAST company is the special formulated ALPHACOR Resin

ALPHPLAST specialty is in Hand Lay Up laminates for pipes and noncorrosive and antistatic fittings of polyester with reinforced glass fiber (GRP Pipes) according to the standard DIN 16965/16966 Type D and E.

Manufacture according to international standards like: AWWA, ASTM, DIN, etc. and under strict quality controls certified by the International Standard ISO 9001.

Adapting to the clients requirements and specifications, ALPHAPLAST produces all fittings like Elbows, Collars, T pieces, Reducers, Flanges, also Tanks all up to diameter 1200 mm, and wide range of Pipes with different diameters.

Special design GRP Anolyte Header for Chlorine plants, as well as Ducting for piping systems and Casing for ESP filters are among the special products of ALPHAPLAST.


Chemical Process Piping Pvt. (CPP)  India

CPP is the Pioneers and Market leader in the field of Design, Manufacture & Erection of Glass fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP), Glass fiber Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) and Thermoplastic lined GRP pipes and equipment in India with supplying over 95% of local requirement inside India and the most well-known international client in the world like Steuler-KCH, AQUA, Outotec, GEA, Uhde, Petronas, 

Chemical Process Piping was formed as a separate sister company of M/s. Chemical Process Equipment Pvt. Ltd. (CPE) to focus on the growing Piping business in Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Metallurgical industry. The management of Chemical Process Piping Pvt. Ltd (CPP) is the same as that of Chemical Process Equipment Pvt. Ltd (CPE) and resources in terms of Manpower, Technology etc are drawn from Chemical Process Equipment Pvt. Ltd. (CPE).

CPP uses state-of-art CNC machines to make and manufacture the best in class Pipes, Ducts, Headers, and Stacks that can sustain highly corrosive fluids at elevated temperature and pressures.

CPP design, manufacture and install its high quality FRP, GRP and GRE products in type of Pure and Dual Laminate (Thermoplastic liner).

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