Mist Eliminator,Candle Filter Demister

Begg Cousland Company from Scotland with more than 50 years of experience is one the leading manufacturer of filtration systems specially for Sulfuric Acid plants in the world.

Specific Filtration equipment in Sulfuric Acid Plants (Mist Eliminator, Candle Filter Demister)

Industrial Air Pollution Control Equipment

Special filtration and separators systems for separating liquids from Gas flow with lowest effect of pressure drop


Special Candles and Mist eliminators for Drying, Intermediate and Final Towers in Sulfuric Acid Plants

Variety of Demister and Droplet Separator in Plants of Sulfuric Acid, Fertilizers, Chemical and Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Desalination industries in Drying Towers, KO Drums, Reactors, Vessels and Scrubbers.

Active in design and manufacturing:

Rotary brush scrubbing

High Energy Ventures

Educator Ventures

Wet and dry cyclones

Counter-current packed bed columns

ceramic, metal, and plastic random packings for towers

Agitators and Thickeners

Design, supply, and installation of complete filtration systems

Liquid-Liquid Coalescer Separators


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