Gas Cleaning Processes

Engineering & Design, Procurement of Sulfuric Acid and Hydro Chloric Acid Plants

Engineering and Design of Sulfuric Acid and Hydro-Chloric Acid


Consulting, technology application and transfer

supply the design and construction of single components

as well as turn-key plants by licensed technologies, ensure competent knowledge in a wide field of applications.

Implements its process clients’ industrial projects from site selection to start-up.

Over the years, more than 900 turn-key plants and plant equipment were realized for clients in the chemicals, Metals & Minerals, and Pharmaceutical Industries,

based and designed on the technology of HUGO PETERSEN

Planning and construction of new plants or plant units

Integration of concepts in an overall plant design

Modernization and expansion of existing industrial plants

Optimization of processes or partial processes

– Patented Sulfur Burning methods

– Re-engineering and Technology improvement and plant upgrade (Single Absorption plant to Double Absorption Plants)

– Production Cost Control and Optimal Energy Concepts

– Modernization & Revamp and Shut Down management

– Low Environmental Pollution

Key aspects provided in the areas of:

Refinery and Gas Engineering


Inorganic Chemicals

Fine and Specialty Chemicals


General plant construction

Engineering and Design of Gas Cleaning Technology

Generally, HUGO PETERSEN Patented and Design has the following principles:



– Abrasion

– Adsorption

– Catalytic Separation

– Mechanical Separation

HUGO PETERSEN is able to propose a solution for the removal of following substances:


Acidic Components:

– SO2 / SO3 / HCl / HF / HBr / HJ / H2S / NOx / N2O / Others

Heavy Metals:

– As / Hg / Se / Cd / Others

Organic Substances:

– Dioxins / Furans / PCBs / HCB / Others


– Acidic Liquid Aerosols / Organic Aerosols / Paniculate Matters

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