Surface Protective Systems – Aderan Dej Co.

01- Aderan Dej Co- Surface Protection Systems


Surface Protective Systems – Steuler-KCH Germany

02-SKC- Surface Protection Systems


Plastic Engineering  FRP/GRP Pipes & Equipment – Steuler-KCH Germany

03-SKC – Plastic Engineering


Thermoplastic Lining Bekaplast – Steuler-KCH Germany

04-SKC – Thermoplastic Bekaplast


Refractory Systems – Steuler-KCH Germany

05-SKC – Refractory Systems


Non-Metallic Plastic Pumps  MUNSCH Germany

06-Munsch Non-Metalic Pumps


Engineering of Acid Plants  Gas Cleaning Technology  Hugo Petersen Germany

07-Hugo petersen- Sulfuric Acid Plant,Gas Cleaning


Lead Lined Apparatus and Equipment JL Goslar Germany

08-JL Goslar – General Catalogue


Lead Electro-wining Anodes – JL Goslar Germany

09-JL Goslar – Lead Anodes


Acid Plants Filtration (Mist Eliminator, Demister Candle Filter) Begg Cousland Scotland

10-Begg Cousland- Acid Plant Filteration


Catalogs of Plastic Welding Devices of Munich, Germany



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