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Aderan Dej Co. to expand its specialized services in the complementary and relating fields with corrosion protection, in addition to our surface protective systems, has started to make close cooperation with some of professional and well-known European companies from Germany and providing their services in Iran in field of Engineering and Consulting, Manufacturing of Special Equipment and Procurement.










HUGO PETERSEN, located in Wiesbaden/Germany, came out of the same named company, founded 1906 in Berlin and is a company for Engineering and Construction.

As a 100 % subsidiary of Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz (CAC), HUGO PETERSEN is fully integrated intothe organization.

Engineering and Design of Sulfuric Acid and Hydro-Chloric Acid


Consulting, technology application and transfer

supply the design and construction of single components

as well as turn-key plants by licensed technologies, ensure competent knowledge in a wide field of applications.

Implements its process clients’ industrial projects from site selection to start-up.

Over the years, more than 900 turn-key plants and plant equipment were realized for clients in the chemicals, Metals & Minerals, and Pharmaceutical Industries, based and designed on the technology of HUGO PETERSEN

Planning and construction of new plants or plant units

Integration of concepts in an overall plant design

Modernization and expansion of existing industrial plants

Optimization of processes or partial processes

– Patented Sulfur Burning methods

– Re-engineering and Technology improvement and plant upgrade (Single Absorption plant to Double Absorption Plants)

– Production Cost Control and Optimal Energy Concepts

– Modernization & Revamp and Shut Down management

– Low Environmental Pollution

– General plant construction

Key aspects provided in the areas of:

Refinery and Gas Engineering


Inorganic Chemicals

Fine and Specialty Chemicals




Engineering and Design of Gas Cleaning Technology

Generally, HUGO PETERSEN Patented and Design has the following principles:

– Wet Process

– Dry Process

– Aerosol Separation


– Abrasion

– Adsorption

– Catalytic Separation

– Mechanical Separation

HUGO PETERSEN is able to propose a solution for the removal of following substances:

Acidic Components:

SO2 / SO3 / HCl / HF / HBr / HJ / H2S / NOx / N2O / Others

Heavy Metals:

As / Hg / Se / Cd / Others

Organic Substances:

Dioxins / Furans / PCBs / HCB / Others


Acidic Liquid Aerosols / Organic Aerosols / Paniculate Matters




JL Goslar

Since the company was founded 100 years ago, JL Goslar has become the world’s leading manufacturer of non-ferrous products, semi-finished metal products, assemblies and plant made of lead, tin and corresponding alloys, thus making the company a highly sought-after partner for many industrial users and research institutes.

Today the Goslar site, where lead ore has been mined for over a thousand years, offers a unique wealth of expert

metallurgical experience and understanding

Design and Manufacturing of Apparatus Construction Lead/Steel


Pressure Autoclaves for Leaching Plant in Non-Metallic units

Pressure and Flash Vessels

Wet Electrostatic Precipitator Filters WESP

Star Tube Cooler and Star Tubes

WESP Discharge Electrodes X3 type, Collection Plate and complete WESP


Design and manufacturing of special Tanks and Vessels with Satanity alloy with Silicon and Lead-lined

Anodes for Extractives Metallurgy

Design, production and supplying of Electro-Winning Lead Anodes with approximate life time 4 to 6 years for industrial electrolysis plants and nonmetallic extractions units.

Lead-Silver Anodes (Pb-Ag) in Zinc Plants

Lead-Calcium Anodes (Pb-Ca) in Copper Plants

And special Lead Anodes with specific configuration in Hard chromium plating, Cold galvanizing processes, Stainless Steel industries, Cobalt, Nickel, Manganese, Cadmium and Gold extraction industries.

Approximately with 10% reduction in power consumption in electrolysis units with JL Goslar Lead Anodes manufactured with advanced process robotics devices and the exact amount of metal alloys

Lead Lining, Lead Cladding

Homogenous Lead Lining and Lead Cladding inside of Industrial Equipment such as special Quenchers, Scrubbers, Autoclaves, Vessels, etc.

Special Repairs and Maintenance of Industrial Components

– Wet Electrostatic Precipitator Filters WESP

– Pressure Autoclaves

– Evaporators

– Star Tube Cooler and Star Tubes

– Washing & Cooling Towers

Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing of Radiation Protection Systems

In medical industries

Special Containers for transporting Hazardous Media





MUNSCH Chemie-Pumpen GmbH

Munsch Chemie-Pumpen GmbH is a highly specialized manufacturer of non-metallic pumps. Customers around the globe bank on our pumps whenever it comes to ensuring maximum operating reliability in abrasive and aggressive service conditions.

Our engineers develop pumps for your specific needs. Application engineers from industry and university researchers support the development process through to production maturity of the pump. Rising energy prices are posing a new challenge to our development teams: developing high-efficiency pumps is one of their answers. A numerically optimized hydraulic design is their contribution to energy economy. Another challenge for our engineers is to provide you with pumps that not only cover the standard performance characteristic ranges but offer at the same time ample pump head reserves. In tackling this task, they always keep in mind the FlowStar concept: operating reliability, robustness, ease of assembly, maximum hydraulic performance and low lifecycle cost.

The manufacturing process of each individual component is documented in an electronic database so that the original component can be exactly reproduced even after years.

Design, Manufacturing and Supplying of Non-Metallic Plastic Pumps for Chemicals

Horizontal and Vertical Centrifugal Plastic nonmetallic pumps with Mechanical Seal and Magnetic Drive is the main product range of Munsch.

Specific and customized design for exact clients process conditions is one the main and unique abilities of Munsch team that let main parts like impellers and casing be designed specifically with very high-tech instrument like modern CNCs and extruders.

All the parts of Pumps are being manufactured fully by Munsch factory without outsourcing services.

Wide range of Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps with Mechanical Seals

Wide range of Horizontal Centrifugal Plastic Pumps with Magnetic Drives

Vertical Plastic Pumps with Cantilever and plain Bearing Types.

Based on best polymers alternatives PE / PP / PE-UHMW / PVDF / PFA

Munsch Plastic Welding Technology

With our great range of plastic welding machines you have the possibility to handle a variety of thermoplastics. Our hand welding extruders and wedge welding automates are state of the art and conform to known regulations and rules.

History of welding systems



Worldwide the No. 1 of the hand welding extruders!

We help plastic welders with our know-how and innovative MUNSCH plastic welding machines coping with their tasks and this now for more than 40 years.

Withal the name MUNSCH stands for Quality, Reliability and Know-how in all domains. Easy and comfortable handling, as well as attractive design make the MUNSCH plastic welding machines to professional and uncomplicated tools for welding thermoplastics.

All products get developed, produced and approved in Ransbach-Baumbach in Westerwald and are distributed worldwide. Competent and individual consulting and service is available in known quality all around the globe.

MUNSCH Kunststoff-Schweitechnik GmbH underlines its leading global market position by over 45,000 sold hand extruders in more than 40 years.

Various types of plastic welding machines and manual extruders

Types of geomembrane welding machines

Types of accessories for plastic welding systems






Begg Cousland

Begg, Cousland have over 50 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of filters for removal of liquid particles from gas flows.

The techniques required to ensure we meet the guaranteed efficiency and pressure drop, as well as

achieving the maximum filter life, enables us to design and offer you the optimum filter solution for your needs. Detailed knowledge in-house means we understand well the industrial processes and their differing requirements.


Mist Eliminator, Candle Filter Demister

– Specific Filtration equipment in Sulfuric Acid Plants (Mist Eliminator, Candle Filter Demister)

– Industrial Air Pollution Control Equipment

– Special filtration and separators systems for separating liquids from Gas flow with lowest effect of pressure drop

Special Candles and Mist eliminators for Drying, Intermediate and Final Towers in Sulfuric Acid Plants

Variety of Demister and Droplet Separator in Plants of Sulfuric Acid, Fertilizers, Chemical and Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Desalination industries in Drying Towers, KO Drums, Reactors, Vessels and Scrubbers.

Begg Cousland have developed leading edge fume and gas cleaning technologies to add to the range of conventional scrubbers offered. Also supplied are package systems.

Design and manufacturing:

– Rotary brush scrubbing

– High Energy Ventures

– Educator Ventures

– Wet and dry cyclones

– Counter-current packed bed columns

– ceramic, metal, and plastic random packings for towers

– Agitators and Thickeners

– Design, supply, and installation of complete filtration systems

– Liquid-Liquid Coalescer Separators





STEULER Anlagenbau GmbH & Co

STEULER Engineering Company, as a part of Steuler Group, is highly active in the field of special engineering and design and Taylor-made technologies for industrial plants.


Pickling Plant in Steel Industries:

Tunnel Pickling Plants

Strip Pickling Lines

Autoclave Pickling Line

Roll Pickling Lines

Wire Plating Technology

Nonferrous Metals


Zinc and Copper Steelcord

Electrolytic Calcium Phosphating

Acid Regeneration Technologies

Steuler Acid Microfiltration SAM
Steuler Acid Cooling CrystallizationSACC
Steuler Acid Purification Unit SAPU
Steuler Total Acid Regeneration STAR
Steuler Electrolyte Purification SEP


Flue Gas Desulfurization Technology

In Oil Refinery Complexes for SO2 and SO3 gas treatment units.

Incinerators in Chemical and Petrochemical Plants

Metallurgy and non-metallic extraction units

With Bekaplast lining system and special spray nozzles and Casing and Bundles of WESP with very high chemical resistance against corrosions


Catalyst Technology in field of Gas Cleaning systems:

HF and NOx reduction systems in Stainless Steel Plants

Scrubbing and Oxidation systems for cleaning NOx, CO, CHx and Dioxin

Glass Etching Processes in Glass industries and HF and SiF4 removal system

Environmental Projects for controlling CO2





Interbau Blink

Interbau Blink is one the world leading manufacturer of Industry and Acid Construction Ceramics in Germany, with wide range of Ceramic Tiles.





Started in 1964 by Chairman Mr. B.S.Rajpurohit, Chemical Process Equipments Pvt. Ltd. the pioneer of FRP in India has grown to be India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of FRP/GRP equipments. Driven by passion for quality, excellence and complete customer satisfaction, CPE has many 'First' and 'Biggest' to its name as it continues to gain trust and serve customers worldwide for over 50 years. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and over 750 highly skilled professionals including some of the most knowledgeable and experienced individuals in the industry, CPE has been singularly responsible for the growth of the FRP industry in the country.

Working on simple principles like integrity and commitment, CPE has always been a company driven by the satisfaction of their customers. Repeat orders by majority of our clients is a sufficient proof in delivering quality for their products and services in their projects. It is our constant endeavor to provide various composite equipments of top quality in time to our existing clientele while simultaneously developing new ones. When it comes to FRP equipment, where highly corrosive fluids are pumped in day after day, week after week, year after year, you need a manufacturer with consistent quality. Someone who understands your needs, someone who speaks your language, someone reliable like... CPE

For more information, please refer to the following address





Chemical Process Piping Pvt. (CPP) – India

CPP is the Pioneers and Market leader in the field of Design, Manufacture & Erection of Glass fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP), Glass fiber Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) and Thermoplastic lined GRP pipes and equipment in India with supplying over 95% of local requirement inside India and the most well-known international client in the world like Steuler-KCH, AQUA, Outotec, GEA, Uhde, Petronas, …

Chemical Process Piping was formed as a separate sister company of M/s. Chemical Process Equipment Pvt. Ltd. (CPE) to focus on the growing Piping business in Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Metallurgical industry. The management of Chemical Process Piping Pvt. Ltd (CPP) is the same as that of Chemical Process Equipment Pvt. Ltd (CPE) and resources in terms of Manpower, Technology etc are drawn from Chemical Process Equipment Pvt. Ltd. (CPE).

CPP uses state-of-art CNC machines to make and manufacture the best in class Pipes, Ducts, Headers, and Stacks that can sustain highly corrosive fluids at elevated temperature and pressures.

CPP design, manufacture and install its high quality FRP, GRP and GRE products in type of Pure and Dual Laminate (Thermoplastic liner).


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