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Over the years of our professional activity in the field of Surface Protective and Anti-Corrosion Systems, Aderan Dej as a joint venture and the exclusive agent of Steuler-KCH, has been one of the main and well-known sources for Design & Engineering, Material procurement and construction of anti-acid projects among the Iranian industries. In other word, Aderan Del is one the few companies that has been working as a complete EPC contractor in this field.

Steuler-KCH with totally more than 240 years of experience as one the leading companies in the world in the field of surface protective and anticorrosion systems is the most well-known and reliable source in this field in Iran that the quality of its material enjoys special positions and carry the trust of Iranian industries and clients.


 Ceramic (Tile & Brick) Lining of operation areas, Pumps   foundations, Trenches and concrete sumps

Rubber lining and Brick lining of Pickling Plants

Brick lining of absorption towers in Sulfuric acid plants

Rubber lining of steel tanks and vessels

Thermoplastic lining and Bekaplast in Trenches & concrete tank and sumps

Synthetic resin coatings in area of bottom and walls

Laminated resin coatings reinforced by Carbon and Glass fibers

Refractory and anti-acid Brick lining in special equipment like incinerators and Quenches

have been our most of the main projects during recent years in the Iranian industries of Petrochemicals, Oil Refineries, Chemical Complexes, Power Plants, Zinc and Copper Non-Ferrous complexes, Metallurgy, Steel complexes, Sulfuric acid plants, etc.

In addition to providing business services of material procurements and construction, our engineering team has always been active in sites visits along with consulting and technical advises to the clients, holding seminars and training courses as free of charge and supplementary services.

In order to expand our specialized services, in addition to maintaining and improving the quality and services of main field of activity in surface protective systems, Aderan Dej has started to cooperate with some German and European well known and experienced companies in some relating and supplementary fields of engineering services and supplying of special equipment.

Tile of our activities are as below;


Engineering, design, material supply and construction of anti-acid corrosion systems

Integrated synthetic Resin Coatings, Anti-acid Tile and Brick Lining

Rubber Lining (Soft and Hard Rubbers / on-site and workshop Rubbers)

Thermoplastic Lining, Bekaplast and Lining 400 systems

Special Brick lining of towers and tanks with Graphite and Carbon Bricks

Special DOME Bricks for Absorption towers

Special shaped Brick and Handmade Bricks

Engineering and Procurement of special Refractory Material (High Alumina Bricks, Castable, Special shaped bricks, Anchoring systems, Furnace Furniture, Insulating)

FRP / GRP / GRE Pipes, Fittings, and special equipment in Dual Laminate, Pure FRP, Alphacor, KERA material

PTFE Lined carbon steel pipes and fittings

Engineering and design of complete Sulfuric acid Plant based on different methods (Sulfur Burning, Metallurgy, )

Complete Gas Cleaning solutions

Lead Anodes for non-ferrous industries

Special equipment with Lead lining (Pressure Autoclaves, Flash Vessels, WESP, )

Discharge Electrodes of Wet Electrostatic Precipitators

Lead Lining and Cladding

Radiation protective systems

Non-metallic Plastic Pumps in type of Horizontal and Vertical Centrifuge with Mechanical seals and Magnetic drives

Mist Eliminators, Demisters and Candle filters for Sulfuric acid plants

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